About Us

Advancing the educational, recreational and spiritual opportunities of children in need.

We started the GRIFFIN|STRONG Foundation with a goal of taking Griffin’s love and compassion for others, as well as his love for God, and giving it away to children starving for FUN experiences – fishing trips, camping trips, movie theatres rented out with 100 children who would otherwise not have the chance to enjoy something that most of us take for granted. More than a mentoring program, we envision an opportunity to show a segment of our community that responsibility, compassion for one another, respect and a relationship with God will lead to a better youth and a better life!

God Bless,

Kevin and Michelle LeBlanc

Griffin’s Story

Griffin Luke Vincent LeBlanc was a lover of life, the outdoors, (especially fishing), sports, bikes, hats and had a gifted mind for creating. He would spend hours designing, cutting, drawing and building to create things that he used for hobbies.

He had a Warrior’s spirit to match his kind heart. The games that he played occupied his every thought, so much that he enjoyed even going to practice. He loved his family, friends, his dogs, Ollie, his sugar glider, and he was fiercely loyal to every one of them. He was deliberate in his actions and would normally make unusually prudent decisions for a boy his age. Griffin loved life and all things living and was always concerned about the health and welfare of others.

Griffin passed away tragically on September 2, 2017, and it is our mission to carry on his memory through his Foundation.  That mission is to bring joy to children who, for one reason or another, are socio-economically disadvantaged, children that don’t share the same opportunities so many kids do…and Griffin would have loved our mission!