What We Do

Advancing the educational, recreational and spiritual opportunities of children in need.


Griffin loved his school, and didn’t take for granted the blessing of going to an amazing school like Our Lady of Fatima.  He was smart, but it was the teachers and administration at Fatima that helped him over those hurdles that so many kids face.

  • Tutoring assistance
  • Scholarship opportunity at Our Lady of Fatima School


Did we mention he was all about having fun?!  It was while doing those things he loved so much where we saw his greatest joy.

  • Summer camps and all the fun activities that come with them
  • Fishing excursions
  • Canoeing excursions
  • Bike riding trips
  • Various fun days like rock climbing, bowling, Jump Zone, and Elevation Station
  • Movie outings
  • Lacrosse scholarships


PRAY. THANK GOD. LOVE JESUS.  His faith was strong, even at such a young age, and he made that known in the little things.  Griffin loved life and all things living and was always concerned about the health and welfare of others.

  • Prayer before, during, and after all events to thank God for His Graces.
  • Mentorship by strong spiritual men and women who will talk about faith, love, respect, responsibility, integrity, courage and that all gifts come from God.

This is why…

Many of us are blessed with parents and mentors that have formed and shaped us into the people we are today.  There remains a significant number of children that may not have had that same formation; those that, through no fault of their own, are left trying to discern life only by experience and the environment they have to imitate.  When we look at troubled youth and the state of the young generation, we believe much of that behavior begins with this question.  Is it possible that a respectable, courteous and responsible attitude was never taught to them?  That these young adults, once children with only curiosity as their motivation, were directed into that behavior simply because they were born into that environment?  Life should be lived moment by moment, savoring all that each provides.  GRIFFIN|STRONG Foundation is committed to helping kids savor each moment and grow to savor the next.